More About Me and the Flowerpoint Method

Flower Essences and the Chinese system of meridians and acupuncture points make perfect partners. Historically, many different kinds of methods besides needles have been used to stimulate acupuncture points: moxibustion (burning the herb Artemesia vulgaris over the acupuncture point), implements made of wood, metal, or bone; acupressure; and methods such as cupping, scraping, tapping, and more. The Flower essences are unique in that they are entirely gentle and painless, they add their own profound healing properties to the effects of the points themselves, and their philosophy of healing mirrors that of Chinese medicine: that healing comes from within and is directed first and foremost toward attaining one's own true destiny. Symptoms arise when one's feelings, attitudes, and life choices are out of harmony with this destiny. Therefore, the soul and emotions are the focus of treatment; as one grows in self-knowledge and understanding of one's life purpose, symptoms tend to fall away as one becomes more aligned with their destiny.

My original education and professional background in healing with plants took the form of herbal medicine, both Chinese and western. However, many years ago I fell in love with the Bach Flower Remedies, and gradually realized that they work very harmoniously with the principles of Chinese acupuncture. They are virtually tasteless to ingest and easy and painless to apply externally. This combination of healing methods is becoming more widely recognized and developed among practitioners as more and more discover its benefits. "Flowerpoint" is my unique method of combining these two modalities.

Education and Certifications

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College of Traditional Acupuncture, UK.

I earned my Acupuncture degree under the tutelage of the late Professor JR Worsley, founder of the Five Element system of acupuncture in the west.

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Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

I received my Acupuncture degree under the supervision of Dr. Mark Seem. At TSITCA I also studied Chinese Herbal Medicine with Dr. Ted Kaptchuk.

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Additional Education.

I earned my Master of Herbology degree at the School of Natural Healing, founded by Dr. John Christopher, renowned pioneer of American herbalism. I received a Bachelor's Degree in Cross-Cultural Medicine from Hampshire College, and a Master's Degree in Asian Medicine from Lesley University. I studied Tibetan Medicine with the late Dr. Yeshi Dhonden, as well as other Tibetan doctors in Nepal, and I am a certified practitioner of Bach Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing.

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My Philosophy

My philosophy of healing is that you yourself are your own healer. The combination of flower essences and acupuncture points acts as a catalyst, but it is your own growing self-awareness, your own gradual awakening to your true life purpose, where the real healing takes place. The Flowerpoint method supports you as layers of false beliefs and perspectives- which once supported you but are no longer helpful- peel away. Each layer provides opportunities for deeper self-understanding, leading to deeper levels of healing as you come home to yourself. As you change, the chosen essences and acupuncture points also change, so that they are always in harmony with where you are on your life journey.