What Happens in a Session?

Your initial consultation will be approximately 90 minutes. We will have an in-depth conversation together about your life on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. Because this system of healing views symptoms as the final result of a deeper process that begins in the soul and psyche, I do not do a physical examination, and you will be fully clothed during this session. (Symptoms are noted, however, so that we can observe the healing process at work as symptoms gradually fall away.) No flower essences are applied during this first session.

Your first follow-up appointment will be approximately 45 minutes. After we have an opportunity to talk, you will lie comfortably on a massage table (or chair if you have physical limitations) with soft music playing if desired. I will apply the selected flower essences to acupuncture points, after which you will rest for a short time. It is only necessary to remove clothing at the site of the points used, and drapes are provided.

During our sessions, we also work on the internal conversation you have with yourself about your life, moving towards ways of thinking and speaking about yourself that honor who you are.

At the end of the session, you will be given a flower essence bottle for home use and instructed in how to apply it to the acupuncture points at home, as well as for internal use. We will discuss the best time for the next session, as well as any relevant "homework" that I feel will support the healing process.

Many people find that Flowerpoint results in healing in layers. Often, as one layer of imbalance is addressed, another makes its presence known. Gradually, old patterns fade away, and clients find themselves feeling more fully alive and on the path to their unique destiny. Physical symptoms may also drop away.

As with many methods of healing, the possibility of a "healing crisis" exists. This could take the form of difficult emotions rising to the surface, physical symptoms flaring, feeling sensitive or fragile, among other things. Be aware that if this occurs, it is temporary, and is actually a positive sign that healing is happening. Paying attention to dreams is important, because often our dreams reveal transformations before we are aware of them on the conscious level. Journaling is encouraged because healing can be gradual, and a journal enables you to compare where you are now from where you started.

(Important Disclaimer: Flowerpoint is not intended to replace regular medical care. Please do not discontinue medical treatment or medications without consulting your health care provider. Jennifer Collins Heath does not diagnose or treat disease, or utilize needles in her practice. The Flower Essences are crafted using fresh flowers or other plant material in pure spring water, with a small amount of alcohol as a preservative. The amount of alcohol is so small as to be rarely noticed, but for children or anyone with an alcohol sensitivity or addiction issues can request that vegetable glycerine be used instead.)