What is Flowerpoint?

Flowerpoint is an exciting new healing modality which combines the wisdom of ancient Chinese Medicine with gentle but powerful Flower Essences. By using carefully selected Flower Essences on acupuncture points in place of needles, the healing vibration of the essences and the function and spirit of the acupuncture points work synergistically to effect a deeper level of healing than either method alone. Rather than focusing on symptoms, Flowerpoint starts from the belief that our emotional and spiritual state is the original cause of disharmony on the levels of body, mind, and spirit, and works to restore the client to their original unique destiny.

Flower Essences work according to the principles of resonance and vibration. Their unique method of preparation captures the vibration of flowers which have been found to help restore balance to the human person in a variety of ways. When used externally or internally, the human person resonates with the flower's vibration. Dr. Edward Bach, founder of the Bach Flower Remedy system, stated that, unlike most kinds of medicine including homeopathy, rather than trying to combat negative states, Flower Essences work by flooding the system with the positive virtue that is opposite to the negative state being experienced by the client.

Dr. Masaro Emoto discovered that water retains memory, and the formation of the shape of water crystals was determined by the vibration received by the water. His New York Times best-selling book, The Hidden Messages in Water, is full of Dr. Emoto's incredible photographs. For example, water exposed to beautiful music, benevolent thoughts, a healthy environment, and words of love created exquisitely beautiful crystals, while polluted water, or water exposed to harsh words or insults resulted in deformed, distorted crystals. In a similar way, the liquid Flower Essences retain the high vibration of the flowers they are made from, and impart this vibration to the client in a deep but gentle way. Essences are individually selected for the client based on an in-depth interview.

Each individual acupuncture point along the acupuncture channels or Meridians is an energy vortex that has a unique function and spirit. Since human beings are 70 percent water, when the flower essences made of pure spring water are applied to the acupuncture points, they are readily accepted and travel along the acupuncture meridians, imparting their vibration to the water in the human body to spread their healing effects throughout the entire system. Because it is the vibration that does the healing work, the maxim "less is more" applies and a few small drops of pure Flower Essences can affect the client in a deep and powerful, yet gentle way. For more information on the Flowerpoint method, please contact me at (413)325-6892, or email me at flowerpoint807@gmail.com. To learn what happens in a typical session, see the tab on the menu bar above.